Turning lemons into lemonade

Last week, my State Partnerships Manager role was moved from South Australia to Melbourne. I was offered a relocation package but declined it. When we purchased our little piece of paradise in the Adelaide Hills, just 20 minutes away from the CBD, we planned to set up permanent roots and become part of this vibrant community. Our time is no longer set on the whims of a corporation and is instead put on 'tree time.' When we plant fruit trees, we plan to be here at least until we see its fruit. Rather than staying with Starlight Children's Foundation, I've started this new blog called Aussie Cottage.

We love everything about our little piece of paradise and can't wait to share it with you. One way you can explore with us is through a virtual tour. For only $25 per screen, you and your mates can walk with me through our property to have a tour of the vineyard, orchard, veggie patch, white gum forest, and Japanese garden. We never know what we will see because the tour is live. We may run across kangaroos, koalas, sulfur-crested cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, and fairy-wrens. Hopefully, we won't run across the dreaded Eastern brown snake, the world's 2nd deadliest snake. We will also visit our friendly chooks and see some horses and alpacas near our fences.

If you would like to book a virtual tour, just go to the store on our website and purchase it. This is a great activity for people who want to do something together but they are in different homes or are in lockdown due to covid. It is also great for schools, aged care communities, and scout troops, and clubs. I can't wait to meet you!

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