New Printable Gardener's Journal

We will be spending the day in the garden today. There is so much to be done before the winter sets in. In our area, we normally have a few frosty days in the winter, so we need to put plants in the soil that can handle chilly mornings and cool afternoons.

Right now, brassicas and broad beans thrive. We've already planted several broad bean seeds, but unfortunately, I'm the only one in the family that likes eating them. Even the kangaroos, possums, and rabbits seem to pass them up. Thankfully though, they do more than just provide me with a quick snack (I eat them directly off the plant). They fix the nitrogen in the soil, providing a natural fertiliser. To get these benefits from the plants, rather than pulling them out by the roots when their season is over, simply chop them off, leaving the roots in place.

As I put new plants and seeds out, I will be marking them in my new gardener's journal.

The pages are already set up for you to print from your computer, so why not pick it up now? It's available on ETSY, but better yet, please visit my store on this site and use the coupon code, garden to get 20% off. Printable Gardener's Journal | Aussie Cottage

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