Loving shiny objects

I have a confession. I have 'shiny object syndrome.' I love the promises of affiliate income, beautiful graphics, and finding bargains. It comes with a dark side, though. If you look at my computer, it is like a graveyard of failed software and broken dreams.

That's why I only build relationships with businesses that I personally have good relationships with. They need to have been around for a while, so I know that their product is 'evergreen.' After all, you build trust with me, and I don't want to risk that trust. On the flip side, if I find a product that I use and love, you will be the first to hear about it. This will be for anything, including gardening and sustainability tools, fashion, education, and of course, marketing and graphic design.

What about physical shiny things? Right now, I love a cozy, soft esthetic, which is also known as cottagecore and farmcore. This esthetic is all about sustainability, so I'm shopping at local antique and vintage stores, estate auctions, and regional markets to find homewares that are high quality and cottage chic. I can only have so many items before my home feels like it is shrinking, so I'll add these to my online store on this site. It's a win-win. The local shop owners receive a fair price and I get to share these items with you. Since others previously love them, I'll be sure to include any imperfections on the listing.

Right now, my favourite purchase is vintage fabric. I can imagine the Nana who purchased different materials because of their beauty or quirkiness and then didn't follow through with an actual project. In some cases, I'll pop the fabric into a listing for you, and in others, I'll sew up an apron, pot holders, or scrub hats that you can pick up. The products are new but made with fabric, you won't find them in the stores anymore, so the esthetic will look perfect with your mid-century inspired home.

What kind of shiny objects do you like? If you let me know, I'll seek them out for you and curate your purchases. Just send me an email, and I'll get to work.

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