Homemade cream soup recipe base

How did I live without SOS mix all these years?

A year ago in South Australia, it was hard to find most basic staples. Pasta, milk, meat and paper products were missing from the shelves, sometimes for weeks on end. As soon as the hard lockdown was over, I drove out to Costco to pick up supplies, hoping that since it was a membership store, I’d have better luck finding some milk. The shelves were missing this vital supply, but I did get my hands on some dry milk powder. Today, while reorganising the pantry, I found that unopened milk powder and noticed that its ‘best by’ date is in just 2 months.

The Utah State University Extension has published a free guide for SOS powder. The SOS stands for soup or sauce powder, and it uses just a few simple ingredients including milk powder, corn starch (flower), onion flakes, Italian seasoning, and chicken bouillon powder. I made up a batch without the dried onion flakes, because we buy our onions in bulk, but included the rest in my batch.

The free cookbook includes several recipes like macaroni and cheese, alfredo sauce, chicken enchiladas, chicken parmesan (parmi), chicken and rice, au gratin potatoes, green bean casserole, potato soup, and cream of any vegetable soup.

I grew up with these recipes, but we normally had to grab a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make them. Now that I have a mushroom allergy, I need to improvise to enjoy these comfort foods, so this recipe book is going to come in handy. "Soup or Sauce (SOS) Mix" by Ellen Serfustini and Debra Proctor (usu.edu)

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