Bluetongue lizard comes out to say hello

Today, this bluetongue lizard decided to come out of its cave to say hello. If you look at the upper right-hand corner of the video, you can see its cave. We met 'bluey' a little over 5 years ago when we moved onto our hobby farm. It lives very close to our door, and it keeps the perimeter of our house clear of scorpions, it's favourite meal.

In the USA, I recall hearing that some people would keep these as pets, so when it got into our shed one day, I picked it up with my bare hands to bring it back outside. As long as you are gentle with it, you won't hurt it. Keep your fingers away from its mouth though or it will grab it and not let go!

This bluey is around 1/2 metre long, and a beautiful specimen. Do you have any blueys in your garden?

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