24 Ways to Save Money When Using Your Cricut Machine now available on Kindle

Can a Cricut machine save you money?

There is no doubt that Cricut machines are popular and an expensive hobby. I’ve been lusting after one of these machines for at least 3 years before I purchased one as a revenge-gift. You know what I mean, right? My husband was being particularly difficult, especially when he said that I should buy my own anniversary gift. He probably thought that I’d buy myself flowers, but I went big. Fast forward 4 months later and I’ve found that this is can be a very expensive craft. On the other side though, if you get the most versatile Cricut machines, you can actually save money and time on certain crafts.

I’ve watched so many Cricut how-to videos that are available on the internet, and it’s clear that the hosts are provided with free Cricut-branded products. Many of them use these materials as if they have an unlimited supply. Guess what? The average crafter can think of many different ways to spend our money instead of making something that would be less-expensive if we buy them in a store. It doesn’t need to be this way. After you recoup the cost of your machine, you can actually save money with your Cricut machine if you know how to be a bit savvy.

In this short book, I will share some of my helpful hints and handy tips for saving money to get the most out of your Cricut machine. It is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Get your copy here! https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0B4GZZ2K5

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